Small but very important updates were added to Cromis.IPC and Cromis.IMC units.

Now both units have the same syntax and use the same usage pattern. And both units share the same data packet format. Cromis.IPC also uses Connect now, to connect to the server side. This saves some time, if you send more then one packet over, but not much. It also ensures your worker thread on the other side will be waiting for you, until you disconnect and so you save on pool thread work, that does not have to assign new threads for each request.

WARNING. This is a breaking change for Cromis.IPC. The syntax stays the same so all your old code will compile and work without problems. But as the protocol is slightly different, due to connect and disconnect, new client won’t work with old server and vice verse. So you have to recompile both sides. There is also a fix for 100% client CPU consumption, if the server was not available. For other changes look at the change log. I have updated the downloads pages and examples accordingly.

Also, as you have noticed, I had to change the template unfortunately. I updated word-press and my old beloved minimalistic template finally stopped working 🙁 This is a temporary one until I find a good new simple template, with fluid layout.

Ok, the old template is still working, but I am afraid that with every word-press version there is a bigger chance it will stop to work properly. Well I will stick with it to the bitter end 🙂

Anyway I will be blogging about cross platform HTML5 development for smart phones if somebody is interested in that? Worked a lot on it lately and have some good info about that. If the community is not interested I will maybe start that in a new blog. Some info on that would be nice.

I will also blog about how I see a good development setup at your home / office. I aim at VMWare, multi monitors, NAS etc… Is anybody interested in that?